The Bloggers

Sue Fleet
I am Sue Fleet, MFL Curriculum Leader and the only language teacher at Ormiston Horizon Academy. I teach solely Spanish. I have been integrating Mary Glasgow Spanish magazine into my lessons to bring Spanish to life ever since I started teaching at the Academy five years ago but could not use the magazines as regularly as I would have liked as only some students could afford to subscribe. I am very excited about the project. 


Britta Giersche
BrittaGiersche_MGI am Britta Giersche, MFL publishing manager at Mary Glasgow Magazines. I studied German and Fine Art. I came to England as an assistant teacher and soon became involved in teaching German full-time and creating language learning resources. For quite a number of years I worked for the Open University. I started as a Teachers Notes writer at Mary Glasgow and began working in-house two years ago. My French is passable and I can read Spanish but I can’t speak it at all, though I am trying to learn it. I have two children at secondary school and a greyhound. 


MariaMaría Jesús (Maje) Abilleira– Spanish Editor




CRW_2431_0328Chantal Pérez – Web Editor & caption writer


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