Welcome to One Year in Spanish

Welcome to the One Year in Spanish blog!

One Year in Spanish is a case study following teacher Sue Fleet as she teaches Spanish to the students at Ormiston Horizon Academy using a year long subscription to Mary Glasgow Magazines.

The website includes lesson plans, downloadable resources and first hand accounts.

We believe teaching in a way that is relevant to students is the best way to help them learn another language and we hope to create a community in which MFL teachers can share ideas.

We are now in the process of adding pages for French, Spanish and English (EFL) teachers to find great resources too! Please have a look around and tell us what you think or get in contact and guest blog for us.


One thought on “Welcome to One Year in Spanish

  1. I used Que last year and was able to get transcripcions of the videos of the young adults as they described their life in Barcelona and other countries. I cannot seem to access it now. I used to show the videos and then we’d partner up and re read the transcripts. Are they still available for the old as well as the new videos?

    Thank you!

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