Las Comidas

By T

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Here we have a post by one of Sue’s students:

Hi! I am T and this is my post! I am in 7H at Ormiston Horizon Academy. Nice to meet you. First let me tell you about myself… My name is Theepiga, call me T. I live with my mum, dad and my nine year old brother Theepikan. I have 5 best friends… Ellie, Bailey, Julia, Aliye and a friend in London Praveena.

Currently we are learning about ‘Las Comidas’ which is ‘food’. Food is a very fun topic. Today we did a piece of writing on ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ writing down all sorts of food which the hungry caterpillar had eaten.

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Les ressources Mary Glasgow en cours de FLE

by Céline Mézange
of “T’enseignes-tu?

A translation into English follows.

You'll find this and other news articles on our website

You’ll find this and other news articles on our website

L’enseignant et les ressources

Pour un enseignant, la préparation de cours s’organise autour de différentes activités mais il faut bien avouer que la recherche de documents susceptibles de motiver l’apprentissage, adaptables au niveau des apprenants et/ou en lien avec l’actualité est une activité chronophage parfois.

L’enseignant a le choix entre des documents authentiques (fabriqués par des francophones pour des francophones avec un objectif de communication spécifique) ou des documents pédagogiques (créés, pensés dans un objectif d’enseignement-apprentissage de la langue cible).

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Mary Glasgow Magazines in the ELT Classroom

By Martin Sketchley

We have been receiving the Mary Glasgow Magazines for nearly 12 months now at our school, LTC Eastbourne, and our learners love them. We keep a folder of all the magazines which corresponds to level and they are a great resource for both teachers and learners.

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French, English, German – call for blogging MFL teachers!


We are thrilled to announce that we will soon be adding pages for French, English and German to our blog, and we would love you to join in and use these pages to post your own teaching ideas. Whether you have testimonies, activities, lesson plans, pictures of classroom displays, student work or performances from your classroom to share with the world, we would love to hear from you. This is your invitation to become one of our guest bloggers!

  • Are you a French, English or German teacher with a MFL classroom story to tell?
  • Do you use Mary Glasgow resources?
  • Have your students ever produced work that made you exceptionally proud?
  • Have you created a lesson plan or activities that worked really well and that you have re-used many times?
  • Have you developed a project that your students shared with their school or another community?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes and you would like to share your story, your and your students’ work or simply your views on MFL teaching, then please get in touch. Just contact us with your thoughts, pictures or material using our contact us page or email us.

We are very much looking forward to hearing from you! Please get involved in what we hope will become a fantastic online resource and community for MFL teachers.

Running of the Bulls (Corrida de Toros) 7th/8th graders’ extension activity

By guest blogger Alicia

Alicia Quintero is a teacher from Chicago, USA, with years of experience teaching Spanish utilizing the International Baccalaureate model. She sent us this extension activity she did about the ‘Corrida de toros’ tradition and we just had to share it with you! You can read more about Alicia at the end of the post. – Chantal

bulls_small_blogI follow the blog and some of the activities I saw the students doing reminded me of a Mary Glasgow activity my 7th graders did last year.

Last year Mary Glasgow magazine featured a story about the fighting of the bulls from Spain (article below the cut). It captured my attention and I ended up creating a whole unit around the topic including a newsletter, visuals and tiered questions for both lower learners and high-end learners.

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