Half-term … y relajarse

By Britta

They look frightfully good, don't they? The keyword here being "fright"...

They look frightfully good, don’t they? The keyword here being “fright”…

Relax, take time out, forget about work – as Half-term approaches, these are probably some of the good intentions you have for your holidays.

Relaxation is good for you. It keeps you slim and healthy, helps you make good decisions and gain a more positive outlook on life.

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El Día de los Muertos – Part 3

By Britta

Stunning, right? And the piñata's not bad either! - Chantal

Stunning, right? And the piñata’s not bad either! – Chantal

When it comes to celebrations there is always a showpiece that no festivity can do without. And in Mexico it’s la piñata, a container made from papier-mâché, decorated and filled with sweets and then broken as part of a ceremony.

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