Running of the Bulls (Corrida de Toros) 7th/8th graders’ extension activity

By guest blogger Alicia

Alicia Quintero is a teacher from Chicago, USA, with years of experience teaching Spanish utilizing the International Baccalaureate model. She sent us this extension activity she did about the ‘Corrida de toros’ tradition and we just had to share it with you! You can read more about Alicia at the end of the post. – Chantal

bulls_small_blogI follow the blog and some of the activities I saw the students doing reminded me of a Mary Glasgow activity my 7th graders did last year.

Last year Mary Glasgow magazine featured a story about the fighting of the bulls from Spain (article below the cut). It captured my attention and I ended up creating a whole unit around the topic including a newsletter, visuals and tiered questions for both lower learners and high-end learners.

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