And so the year ends…

By Chantal

Well, the school year is (very nearly) over and our time with Sue and her fantastic kids at Ormiston Horizon has come to an end. Well, the blog is called “ONE year in Spanish” after all 😉 You’ve no doubt noticed we’ve been winding things down so it will come as no surprise the blog will be going quiet from now.

It’s been absolutely fantastic to “talk” with all of you over the past year. We’ve had many insightful comments and emails. It’s been very rewarding for us and we hope it has been for you too. But we’re not leaving you without at least giving you all a parting gift!


A couple of years ago, we created some digital articles for interactive whiteboards or a good old-fashioned computer screen. it just so happens we have one that should help you prepare the students to think about the summer holidays… in Spanish. I think it’s a good way to wind down from the end-of-year stress and something a bit lighter and more “fun” when all the kids really want is to be out there and enjoying the sunshine (I’m an eternal optimist…).

So check out this lovely article about the “Islas Baleares” (the Balearic Islands in English). You can watch three different videos by clicking on the pictures in the introductory activity.

And it comes in three different levels!

And it comes in three different levels!


I can’t say if we’ll be back at it next year, we may or we may not but I can tell you that for the time being we have no plans to. Will you miss us? 😉

So tell us, what are your plans for the end of the school year? How do you tackle inattention and restlessness in the classroom when the holidays (and freedom!) are just a few weeks away? 

And are you going anywhere fun? Do tell! Just because we won’t be writing anymore, doesn’t mean we won’t be reading! 



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