Easy to use pre- and post- exams Spanish lessons

By Britta

Have a sneak peek at our next issue of the Spanish magazines.

Have a sneak peek at our next issue of the Spanish magazines.

The end of school year might be in sight but for most there are still exams to come.

To help you deliver engaging Spanish lesson during these busy pre- and post-exams periods, we have prepared many interesting articles and interviews. They are bound to inspire you to use our magazines in the classroom! Below I listed some of the highlights from each of our Spanish foreign language magazines.

QUETAL5_p1¿Qué Tal?, our magazine for beginners in Spanish:

¡Esta es la Ruta Quetzal! We introduce students to the Ruta Quetzal, an annual trip taken by top students in the Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking world to promote intellectual curiosity and exchange. They get to know some of the tourist attractions in
Peru. Would your students like to participate? Do they like to travel?

¡Cinco artistas pop de España! With the summer approaching, most Spanish pop artists are getting their gear ready. Three months of almost daily performances await them! But, do your students know any Spanish pop artists? Have them read our guide!

¡Bienvenidos a mi país, Ecuador! Recently labelled as the New American Dream, this country has much to offer: beautiful and wild landscapes, incredible crafts, a fauna all its own, and scrumptious food! Joao Rojas, Ecuadorian football player, guides us through the highlights of his country.



AHORA5_p1Ahora, our magazine for pre-intermediate Spanish learners:

La fiesta de San Fermín. We describe to students this traditional festival in northern Spain, which includes bullfighting. The feature can be useful to start a debate on animal rights.

¡Basta! ¡No más acoso escolar! We talk about the involvement of the famous singer Demi Lovato in a campaign against bullying called ‘Mean Stinks’. Did you know that Demi was bullied during her school years? We discuss her story and charity campaign to teach the students about the harm this behaviour can do. We are pretty sure that you will get your students debating on bullying with this article.

¡Fútbol con talento latino! With the World Cup just around the corner, we introduce in this issue three Latino football players who will surely shine during this international football competition in Brazil: Diego Reyes (Mexico), Yory Reyna (Peru) and Juan Fernando Quintero (Colombia).

ElSol5_01El Sol, our magazine for intermediate Spanish learners:

Uruguay Uruguay is a fascinating country. Its President, José Mujica, donates most of his salary to good causes or small companies. Uruguayan movies are increasingly gaining popularity in international film festivals. Have your students compare their country with Uruguay!

Baktún The first Maya telenovela is here and not exempt from worldwide media coverage. This is a series entirely filmed in Maya language by a Maya cast. Did you know that the Maya culture is still very much alive?

Las maras de El Salvador It isn’t often that we have the chance to write about this Central American country. But recent reports of gang members giving up their weapons are too interesting to ignore.

Please visit our website if you’re not a subscriber yet or would like to renew your subscription in preparation for the 2014-2015 school year. You can still subscribe to our 2013-2014 magazines. You will, of course, get this series’ previous issues delivered – they make great Summer Spanish reading material for you students.

How do you keep your students engaged during the exam period? Have you got any teaching treats for them in store whilst they are revising? How do you make them go the extra mile to get better Spanish grades?





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