Being famous in Spain…

la foto (5)By Maje

Yes, that’s us filming some lovely videos for the ¿Qué Tal? and Ahora magazines. And this is what happens when you film in a park: you end up surrounded by curious kids that want to take part in the filming. 🙂 It happened a lot during our weekend in Spain!

We are quite happy with our great friends from Torrents Creativos and their patience when filming these videos with real Spanish kids. We are so looking forward to showing them to you! Do not miss our September/October issue for further info. Join us today at!!

This year, we went to Logroño, the main city in La Rioja (perhaps you’re familiar with their wine? 😉 ). We were lucky to find four great kids full of enthusiasm and energy (too much energy!?) and a great crew to work with (parents included).

We got to film in an actual school, a lovely park, the shopping district and even a ‘pinchos’ bar. Sadly, no ‘bodegas’ (wineries), heheh.

We’re doing something a little different with the El Sol videos. I’ll keep you updated in the coming weeks about how that is going. Cheers!

Do you use our videos in the classroom? If so, what is your favourite one? Any advice for the future? Looking forward to your feedback. 🙂

Filming in Spain III


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