Easy to use pre- and post- exams Spanish lessons

By Britta

Have a sneak peek at our next issue of the Spanish magazines.

Have a sneak peek at our next issue of the Spanish magazines.

The end of school year might be in sight but for most there are still exams to come.

To help you deliver engaging Spanish lesson during these busy pre- and post-exams periods, we have prepared many interesting articles and interviews. They are bound to inspire you to use our magazines in the classroom! Below I listed some of the highlights from each of our Spanish foreign language magazines.

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Being famous in Spain…

la foto (5)By Maje

Yes, that’s us filming some lovely videos for the ¿Qué Tal? and Ahora magazines. And this is what happens when you film in a park: you end up surrounded by curious kids that want to take part in the filming. 🙂 It happened a lot during our weekend in Spain!

We are quite happy with our great friends from Torrents Creativos and their patience when filming these videos with real Spanish kids. We are so looking forward to showing them to you! Do not miss our September/October issue for further info. Join us today at http://www.maryglasgowplus.com!!

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