Spanish Tongue Twister

By Britta

Picture 3Tongue-twisters are great fun.

Although difficult to articulate properly, tongue-twisters are a useful tool for the Spanish classroom too. The main thing is to keep it light.

In that spirit, Chantal and Maje have created a tongue-twister video. Why not get your students to speak after Chantal?

There are many ways tongue-twister can help with learning Spanish.

Tongue-twister can help kids overcome their fear of talking in Spanish (famously Lawrence Olivier, the British actor, recited tongue-twister before he went on stage to help him overcome his stage fright).

Tongue-twisters are a good tool too to practise sounds typical in Spanish pronunciation such as the ‘double r’ sound practiced in Chantal and Maje’s video.

And finally, they can also make for a good plenary activity, especially after a lesson with a lot of grammar, writing and worksheets.

Enjoy our video and let us know how you liked it.

Picture 2

Do you use tongue-twisters in your language lessons? Why not? Have you got a favourite, which you would like Maje & Chantal to record? Let us know which.


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