Avoiding Common Errors in Spanish: Subjunctive mood with activities III

By Maje

RelativasWelcome back to the subjunctive mood. 😉

Today we are dealing with another common error in Spanish: subjunctive mood with adjectival clauses, the ones we use to modify a noun in the main clause. For example: “I work for a company which publishes books and magazines.” Continue reading “Avoiding Common Errors in Spanish: Subjunctive mood with activities III”


Avoiding Common Errors in Spanish: Subjunctive mood with activities II

By Maje

TemporalesHello everybody and welcome to a new post on the subjunctive mood and common errors in Spanish by English-speakers!

Today, we will give you some advice on how to explain the use of the subjunctive mood in time clauses. As we mentioned last week, our aim is to help students truly understand how to properly use the subjunctive mood.

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La oruga hambrienta – la comida lesson idea

By Sue

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 09.40.27 Hola! Here are just some of the Hungry Caterpillar stories by my yr 7 students.

All yr 7 students have completed this work, all to differing standards, but the vast majority have produced some outstanding work.

Top set yr 7 have used the past tense, comió, dormió, se construyó but have still been totally engaged.

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Ropa Limpia Project – Take 2

By Sue

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 08.22.55 This has proved so popular with the GCSE group, that my first year GCSE group wanted to do it too. Here are some photographs of completed articles by my students. This has really affected my students’ attitude to the clothing industry as well as encouraging them to research factual information…making them independent learners, a great habit to acquire!

Spanish Tongue Twister

By Britta

Picture 3Tongue-twisters are great fun.

Although difficult to articulate properly, tongue-twisters are a useful tool for the Spanish classroom too. The main thing is to keep it light.

In that spirit, Chantal and Maje have created a tongue-twister video. Why not get your students to speak after Chantal?

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Avoiding Common Errors in Spanish: Subjunctive mood with activities

By Maje
Uncle SamAs promised last week, today we will keep focusing on common errors in Spanish by English speakers. I think it is time to start revising the uses of the subjunctive mood. Incorrect use of the subjunctive is one of the most common mistakes in Spanish by English speakers (actually, made by any non-native speaker of Spanish, ha ha).

As Sue mentioned in her previous blog post last week, “a language after all, is not something you can just pick up 3 times a week without any revision or independent learning.” And that is exactly what I tell my students when they start studying the subjunctive mood: it is not easy, it takes time but if you do not waste your time complaining about how difficult it is, you will master it. “Practice, practice and practice” is my motto. Simple? Not that much as keeping yourself motivated and embracing mistakes when speaking is the difficult part of the learning process. But that is something to which we shall return in a later post.

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