Las Comidas

By T

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Here we have a post by one of Sue’s students:

Hi! I am T and this is my post! I am in 7H at Ormiston Horizon Academy. Nice to meet you. First let me tell you about myself… My name is Theepiga, call me T. I live with my mum, dad and my nine year old brother Theepikan. I have 5 best friends… Ellie, Bailey, Julia, Aliye and a friend in London Praveena.

Currently we are learning about ‘Las Comidas’ which is ‘food’. Food is a very fun topic. Today we did a piece of writing on ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ writing down all sorts of food which the hungry caterpillar had eaten.

Maybe your students like the topic of food as much as T does? Why not ask them to write a food diary, writing down all the food they have eaten in one day? Design a pie chart with food group headings for the classroom wall:

  • Frutas y verduras (Fruit & vegetable)
  • Pan, cereales y otros alimentos ricos en almidón (Bread, cereal & starchy food)
  • Leche y otros productos lácteos  (Milk & dairy products)
  • Grasas y dulces (Fat & sugary foods)
  • Carne, pescado y otras proteinas (Meat, fish & alternatives)

Then have students write their foods from one day on the chart under the appropriate heading. When all the students are done, discuss whether the class has a balanced diet. Why (not)?

T is also encouraging you and your students to take part in a competition:

Complete the sentence and the funniest answer will be mentioned in the next post!

“Desayuno…   ”

Are there any interesting foods your students have for breakfast? I am known for occasionally tucking into a savoury dish at 8 o’clock in the morning – such as pea soup. It’s almost as good as starting your day with an egg. 🙂


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