Winter Sports

By Maje

SochiThis is the last week of the Sochi Winter Olympics!  Are you enjoying the Games? This week, we have published an online news article on Julia Lipnitskaia, the youngest woman to take home a gold medal in this year’s Winter Olympics. She’s just 15 years old! We think it might be helpful to create a lesson plan on Sochi.

In Sochi 2014, there are 7 official winter sports and 88 countries competing for medals. In Spanish, we have translations for most of the Olympic sports but for some of them we just use English words. See below an infographic on Sochi Olympics and winter sports that you can display on the interactive whiteboard and use as part of your lesson plan about sports.


In Spain, we are not very good at winter sports (it might be the weather, ha ha). However, the Spanish national team won 2 medals in previous Winter Olympic Games: Francisco Fernández Ochoa, in 1972, and his sister Blanca Fernández Ochoa, in 1992. But we hope that this situation will change in the near future. 🙂

See below a Prezi presentation, I have prepared on Javier Fernández, a Spanish figure skater who represented Spain at the 2014 Winter Olympics. You can read more about him in the current ¿Qué tal? issue (January-February, p. 16).


Click the image

As an extension task, you can ask your students to create a similar presentation as to my Prezi presentation or the ¿Qué tal? page on their favourite sportsperson in the Winter Olympic Games.

Are you currently working with the Sochi Olympics in the classroom? Have your students ever done a project like the one above? If so, how do they display their work? Looking forward to your comments.


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