Perks of the job

By Britta

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 17.47.14Mary Glasgow Magazines sell magazines and books in more than 34 countries and we could not do so without the help of our agents in those countries.

It is not often that we have face-to-face contact with the agents. But sometimes one of us is lucky enough to travel abroad to meet with them. And sometimes those who have remained at home in the office get a taste of what the visit to that country was like in the form of a gift.

Last week, our Managing Director travelled to Asia and brought back beautifully wrapped biscuits from Soo (Scholastic Asia) and chocolates from Yoko (our freelance magazine representative in Japan).

Needless to say that we were all amazed at how delicately crafted the chocolates were and how elaborately packaged the individual biscuits. We were very happy too that they did taste as good as their presentation promised. 🙂

The sweets really did bring a bit of Asia and its gift giving culture into our office. They made everyone’s day which otherwise was quite rainy and cold.

Thank you, Soo and Yoko.


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