Mediterranean Diet, broken New Year’s resolution buster?

By Britta

Download the article below the cut

Download the article below the cut

Did you know that eating healthy to lose weight tops the 10 New Year’s resolutions and, alas, the 10 most commonly broken resolutions too?

Now that February has arrived,  statistically speaking, there is a big chance that many of you – yes, just like me – have given up on their diets and I bet it’s not much different with your students.

We all know that changing your eating habits is really what’s required. And if it’s not just weight loss you are after but a diet that benefits your health in general then the Mediterranean Diet is worth looking into.

The Mediterranean Diet is based on fruits, vegetables, grains, beans and olive oil with a little fish, chicken, egg and cheese and even less red meats and sweets and it has been linked, if eaten for a number of years, to a reduced risk of developing various diseases and has proved a successful strategy for a healthy weight reduction.

Young Spaniards, of course, know this too. But do they observe the Mediterranean Diet?

In our interview five teenagers from Barcelona talk about food, cooking and their favourite meals. They say whether they normally eat at home with their family or whilst out with friends and how important a healthy diet is to them.

Read the La comida-article with students and debate with them the difference between the Spanish eating culture and their own. Talk to them about what they eat and why. Ask them whether they consider it healthy or not. Ask them too, whether they plan to change their eating habits at all. Why (not)?

Download the article below the cut

Do your students enjoy the topic of food? Why do you think that is (or not)? Do you ever cook with your students? Do you bring in food from Spanish speaking countries to let them have a taste? We would love to hear about culinary adventures in your classroom.


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