Year 7 using The Hobbit article to describe people

By Britta

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 09.23.21Sue’s Yr 7 have been writing using The Hobbit article and thoroughly enjoying it too! The article is all about physical description, introducing body features and matching adjectives.

There is a reading  text and a gap fill activity where students complete model sentences of how to describe a person. They then answer questions on the reading material before building sentences with their personal information (download the article below the cut).

Sue’s Yr 7 students have worked through the activities and then engaged in an extended writing activity. The results have been spectacular as you will agree:


The fact that the film is only just being released makes it all the more fantastic for the students as it’s all new and exciting! One girl said, “my friend from another school doesn’t get anything like this, she didn’t even know who Smaug was, all they do is use boring text books. We get our own magazines”.

Click on this link to download our ¿Qué Tal? article The Hobbit Article

How do you motivate students to go the extra mile when setting a writing task? We would love to hear your ideas.



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