Spanish classroom magazines fit for 2014

By Britta


Check out the covers of our January/February Spanish mags!

With Christmas just gone and New Year’s Eve approaching this seems a good time to look ahead. Instead of fearing January’s grey skies and impending winter blues why not take some positive steps and look around you for things that might actually make you look forward to the coming winter months at school. Sounds impossible?

Well, here is a sneak preview of our issue 3 magazines and it just might make you change your mind (if you are lucky enough to be a Spanish teacher, though we do have the same medicine for French, German and English teachers):


qt3_blogIn ¿Qué Tal?, our magazine for beginners in Spanish, we follow Carmen González, a girl from Cuba, as she prepares for her Quinceañera. You will find background information on the tradition and plenty of photos, showing Carmen on her big day. There are two reading activities to go with this photo essay.

Also in this issue of ¿Qué Tal?:

  • On occasion of the Lego movie we meet with Evan Bacon, a specialist in Lego construction. His interview is accompanied by a comprehension test and a look at negative and positive words.
  • We visit the Carnaval de Barranquilla in Colombia. There is a picture quiz and we look at the use of más, menos, mucho and muchos.
  • Aitor and Ana from Barcelona, the stars of our ¿Qué Tal? video, talk about their hobbies and we provide some statistics on spare time activities by Spanish teens in order to practise the expressions me gusta and me gustan.

ah3_blogThe cover story in Ahora, our pre-intermediate Spanish magazine, is about a Spanish television program called Empuje. It’s a reality TV show in which the Barcelona player Gerard Piqué helps young people to lead a healthier life. Using the stills from the TV show we created an activity for students to learn how to give advice in Spanish.

Also in this issue of Ahora:

  • We feature Madrid fashion week and give students opportunity to discuss fashion, body image, the debate around size, the obsession with brands and blogging about fashion, all supported by a pre-reading vocabulary building activity and a comprehension test.
  • As the carnival season takes hold of big parts of the world we are at a Carnival in Pasto, Columbia. We explain where Pasto’s particular Carnival traditions originate from and practice the use of past tenses.

ES3_coverEl Sol, our magazine for Spanish learners at intermediate level, looks at the manufacturing of our clothes in places like Bangladesh. The factual article is supported by an info graphic, which allows students to practice talking about statistics and gives them additional information to express their opinion on this topic.

Also in this issue of El Sol:

  • We present Oona Chaplin, the great-granddaughter of Charlie Chaplin, who is a Spanish actress. We hear her talking about her professional and personal life and provide an activity for students to translate her words into indirect speech.
  • With the Football World Cup only a few month away we look at its cultural significance in Argentina and have three real Argentinean teens talk about football and sport in general. There is a comprehension question attached to this feature and also discussion questions plus a video.

Want to give these a try? If so, please visit our website!


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