First term with Spanish classroom magazines

By Sue

Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 13.27.57 Year 9 were very excited to have their important visitor from Mary Glasgow working with them in their Spanish lesson. (Personal profiles by Spanish Year 7/Level 1 students) We had been using The Hunger Games (Hunger Games: Catching Fire – Level 2/Y9 lesson) as a frame for learning about reflexive verbs. Year 9 taught themselves the basics of these verbs, initially using an old PowerPoint of mine printed out onto handouts.  We used the article to become more accustomed to what these verbs looked like and also to fire their imagination.

For Nicolle, I planned that Year 9 were going to write an extension of the imaginary diary blog written by Katniss.  Nicolle was so blown away by their positive and energetic attitude that she almost forgot to take photos!

Some of the end results, developed and written up in small groups, were amazing and despite Nicolle not speaking Spanish, she could see that something exciting was happening.  There were some very positive comments about the magazines and how useful and helpful they are and how they encourage students to read Spanish; the smaller texts encourage rather than discourage.  We can’t wait for the next batch of mags!!

The students also came up with some ideas for Nicolle for improving the magazine articles, one idea being to incorporate the odd sentence or two in the ‘palabras’ part of the page; another was to include vocabulary on every page.  One of our very able students, Theepiga, who also won the survey competition imagination (Our case study update), discussed writing a blog for the ‘One Year in Spanish’-blog or even for the magazine.  She thought it would be good to write from a student’s point of view! Should make interesting reading!

Well, anyway, we’re coming to the end of 2013 and our first term using Mary Glasgow magazines.  I have to say that they have not only enhanced my teaching by giving me ideas and fantastic resources to work with, but they have animated the students and allowed them to be challenged in their lessons without being overwhelmed!

Thank you Mary Glasgow!!! Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year!! Looking forward to the new batch of mags in 2014!!

Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 13.29.33Sue & all of the Spanish students from Ormiston Horizon Academy


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