Spanish Christmas Song Sing-along

by Britta
Picture 4

As your last Spanish lesson of 2013 is fast approaching why not have a merry Christmas sing along in class? Traditional Spanish Christmas carols may be a little too difficult (and also perhaps overused) so we like to present you with Mary Glasgow’s very own ¡Ya llega la Navidad !, a classic in the making you will agree.

Picture 5

Click on picture to download the song.

Download the lyrics to the song here.

But to not give way to fun and games entirely we are also attaching a worksheet with missing words from the lyrics for the students to complete as they are listening.
Click on picture to download the activity sheet.

Picture 4

If you record your students singing it we would love to hear it. It would really make our year!

Feliz Navidad!

Do you have a favourite Christmas song? Do you have a least favourite Christmas song? Are there Christmas songs that you sing with your pupils but not at home and vice versa? Let us k(s)now – sorry!


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