Hunger Games: Catching Fire – Level 2/Yr9 lesson

By Sue

Sue used our magazine article Una Chica en llamas with her Year 9 students to teach daily routine via The Hunger Games. This is her account:

photo 3So, this week I was using the Hunger Games article in Ahora to look at reflexive verbs and daily routine.

I followed the recommended lesson plan from the magazine, and the starter went down a bomb!

From there, I introduced the idea of the diary/blog. They worked cooperatively in groups translating the first part of the text to give them confidence for working with the diary on the following page.  There was lots of Pose, Pause, Pounce, and Bounce to constantly consolidate the language they were using and to reaffirm the patterns in reflexive verbs in their minds.

From here we moved to the diary entries and the reflexive verbs in the present tense first person.

Their homework tonight is to complete the diary exercise.  On Thursday, next lesson, we are going to develop a group/class diary of one of the characters, and then the students will use this and the magazine as a frame, to write their own interpretation with the aim of achieving a level 5-6 using past and/or future tenses in the script.  Pictures to follow of the final piece of work.

“Using the mags has inspired my teaching, and given me ideas”

I’m learning so much from using the magazines as well as the students: I’m challenging them with higher-level work and they are responding well. I would never have thought of using daily routine the way the Ahora magazine has, via The Hunger Games, so using the mags has inspired my teaching, and given me ideas.

photo 1It has also engaged the students so much more in language learning as they see Spanish used in authentic articles with popular and familiar characters speaking in the target language, bringing it to life.

We’re all enjoying using Mary Glasgow magazines, but I can’t tell you who is enjoying them more: the students or me!!!

Brilliant feedback, Sue! Thanks so much!


Why don’t you try our magazines for yourself and teach daily routine with our Hunger Games article and let us know how it went? We would love to hear your accounts!


2 thoughts on “Hunger Games: Catching Fire – Level 2/Yr9 lesson

  1. I really liked this activity and had my students do something similar. I printed out the Chica en llamas activity. I gave it to my 6th graders because their Language A teacher had just taken them to the movies to see it after reading the book. Most of the movie and characters were fresh in their minds, so this activity was very timely. We read the article and they wrote a description of their favorite character. They had to include:

    Name, physical description, personality, family, geographical location, clothing and one sentence about something specific. It was a really nice review of what they had been learning in terms of family, personality traits and clothing. You can see the pics on my website:

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