What Spanish students say about classroom magazines

By Britta
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As part of our case study with Ormiston Horizon Academy we sent out a student survey (download under the cut). We asked the kids 24 questions about themselves and their Spanish learning:  15% said that Spanish was their favourite subject,  26% said Spanish was their least favourite subject, 66% enjoy learning Spanish and 38% say Spanish lessons are more fun than other lessons

It’s fair to say, though, that the response wasn’t great: Only 21 out of 225 Spanish students answered our questions, that’s a bit less than 10 per cent. So I am not going to make any claims on our ‘findings’ but I still think it’s interesting to share with you what these 21 kids had to say about Spanish learning.

Here are some more  facts about our survey respondents:

  • 76% are girls
  • 71% are over 14 years old (studying for their GCSE exam)
  • 85% don’t speak any other language
  • 66% have been abroad – one is a veritable globetrotter; he or she has been to India, China, Dubai, Australia, Thailand, Spain, America, Finland, France, Hong Kong, Brunei, Bulgaria and Greece!

And? Do these ‘digital natives’ like our magazines?

The short answer is: Yes, they do!

We asked: Which classroom resource do you like to work with most? And listed whiteboard, magazines, worksheets, books and CDs. And on average rating magazines came top! And two other paper-based resources – worksheets and books – were very popular with some students too.

I am not going to make much of these ratings but I would like to point out that traditional resources obviously still work for quite a number of kids very well. And I am just thrilled that these OHA students like our resource.

It seems that in their spare time too digital activities haven’t altogether replaced other activities. We asked: Outside school, roughly how long do you spend doing Reading, Sport, Screen every day?

All of them spend some time in front of a screen whereas 9% do not read and 14% don’t do sport every day.

23% spend more than 2 hours in front of a computer or TV every day; however another 23% read for more than 2 hours a day 14% do sport for more than 2 hours per day … and these might well be the same people.

Here are a couple more results that might interest you:

Screen Shot activities at 11.29.41We asked: How much do you like these classroom activities – teacher talking/explaining, quiet work, pair work, group work, whole class activities. On average rating pair work came top and I would argue that working with a partner goes well with magazine work – but if you look closely at the answers, the result isn’t that overwhelming.

Screen Shot skills at 11.30.37We then asked: How much do you like practising the different language skills – and on average reading came out top. This corresponds well with the answers about the preferred classroom resource. But again, there is much to debate when one scrutinizes the result.

Finally, we invited students to complete the sentence: My favourite thing about learning Spanish is…

We had many funny answers, but my favourite is:

… when Mrs Fleet says a word in a funny voice and starts dancing/singing/jumping up and down and that time when Mrs Fleet scared us with that Michaell Jackson video was hilarious! Mrs Fleet even made us stand up and sing a Spanish song and I really love our Spanish lessons. Mrs Fleet is the person who puts the Teletubby in it though!

Student questionnaire

What do you make of these answers? Do they correspond with your student feedback?


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