Half-term … y relajarse

By Britta

They look frightfully good, don't they? The keyword here being "fright"...

They look frightfully good, don’t they? The keyword here being “fright”…

Relax, take time out, forget about work – as Half-term approaches, these are probably some of the good intentions you have for your holidays.

Relaxation is good for you. It keeps you slim and healthy, helps you make good decisions and gain a more positive outlook on life.

But it’s easier said than one. To completely relax most of us would probably need more than a week. But there are things you can do:

  • Create a holiday routine that differs significantly from your work routine.
  • Be patient with yourself; don’t force yourself to do things just to relax.
  • Take things calmly that might interfere with your holiday such as bad weather.

And as for your Spanish students … encourage them to take part in our “Make a piñata competition“. Taking part should shake up their school-day routine too and give them an opportunity to try out something new. In fact, you might want to make one yourself.

Enjoy your Half-term!


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