‘¡Vivimos aquí!’ – a 5 minute Spanish lesson plan

By Britta and Sue

Any closer and he might be literally absorbed...

Any closer and he might be literally absorbed…

On Tuesday, Sue used the article ‘¡Vivimos aquí!’ with her top set year 7H. The format she used was the 5 minute lesson plan from Teacher Tool kit and the CREAM & B rule is from a book she bought a few weeks ago, The Perfect Assessment For Learning by Claire Gadsby.

You’ll find the article and Sue’s 5 minute Spanish lesson plan downloads under the cut.

Sue wrote to me about her lesson beforehand:  “All of the lesson will be student led apart from the first 5-6 minutes where I will describe their task.  It’s all about making them independent learners and (trying) to make them inquisitive about their learning. There is a huge amount of vocabulary in that article that my year 7s will not know, so progression should be immense, and hopefully quick too!  I’ll let you know how it went.”

And … it went: Fab!

This is what Sue said after the lesson: “They used the verb ‘vivir’ and we worked on that in the previous lesson, then today they’ve used the article to read and then to write their own piece.  Amazing results which we honestly wouldn’t have got without the mags for authentic support.  Best result was a 4B, which, 4 weeks in and only 4 proper lessons is pretty good don’t you think?  And all using the 5 minute plan too!”

You can download the article and the lesson plan by clicking on the pictures below:

Here's the article.

Here’s the article.

And here's the lesson plan

And here’s the lesson plan

Do you have a MFL lesson plan you would like to share? 


3 thoughts on “‘¡Vivimos aquí!’ – a 5 minute Spanish lesson plan

  1. This looks fantastic! I love using the magazines to expose students to more vocabulary as well as help them build their incidental vocabulary lexicons. Here are some other activities I have tried or am thinking of increase the interaction. One of the activities I have included with the magazine is creating a pin board in the class with index cards. The students read something in the magazine, take notes and then choose what stands out to them the most. They write it on an index card and that card goes on a in board (created in class) or a faux class twitter account. Edmodo could be good for this as well if you have iPads or mini computers. Also, I have groups read one section of the magazine, create activities that includes vocabulary such as cognates and additional questions- they then give the activities to other groups to complete. It’s pretty interesting to see what they come up with!

  2. Excellent teaching ideas! I love that you use the magazines to have students interact and communicate with each other. That ties in with the whole authentic theme – to make them do something with what they have read. Really inspired. Thanks too for the compliments! It’s always great to get great feedback.

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