Our case study update

By Sue and Britta

These kids are good...

These kids are good…

Since the beginning of this school year, Sue has been integrating Mary Glasgow’s Spanish Magazines into her teaching programme. Now, that the first term is over and our second magazines are due to come out we thought it’s a good time to catch up with Sue to see how it’s going and to ask whether Mary Glasgow resources have helped her to improve engagement and boost learning outcomes – as we hoped they would. This is what she said:

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Half-term … y relajarse

By Britta

They look frightfully good, don't they? The keyword here being "fright"...

They look frightfully good, don’t they? The keyword here being “fright”…

Relax, take time out, forget about work – as Half-term approaches, these are probably some of the good intentions you have for your holidays.

Relaxation is good for you. It keeps you slim and healthy, helps you make good decisions and gain a more positive outlook on life.

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Year 10 working on El día de la alimentación

By Britta

photo 3Unfortunately, we are a little late with this; World Food Day was on the 16th of October.

But luckily Sue’s Y10 weren’t. They did this work on the article El día de la alimentación in our GCSE-magazine El Sol on the very day that newspapers around the globe reported on the UN’s World Food Programme to end malnutrition of the 840 million people that go hungry in the world today.

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El Día de los Muertos – Part 3

By Britta

Stunning, right? And the piñata's not bad either! - Chantal

Stunning, right? And the piñata’s not bad either! – Chantal

When it comes to celebrations there is always a showpiece that no festivity can do without. And in Mexico it’s la piñata, a container made from papier-mâché, decorated and filled with sweets and then broken as part of a ceremony.

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El Día de los Muertos – Part 2

By Britta

What am I doing? Well, watch the videos! - Chantal

Getting ready for Día de los Muertos!

As you’ve seen from the pictures in our article ¡Viva el Dia de los Muertos! (see previous post for download) el Día de los Muertos is not only a celebration to remember and honor dead relatives, it also has a long tradition of simple handmade decorations.

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El Día de los Muertos – Part 1

By Britta

You can download this after the cut.

You can download this after the cut.

El Día de los Muertos  – the Day of the Dead – is a centuries-old Mexican holiday with Aztec roots that is also connected to the Catholic calendar – a very Mexican mix! It reflects an attitude towards death that is different from some cultures. The beliefs and practices surrounding the Day of the Dead in Mexico predate the arrival of the Spanish in the Americas: At the end of the harvest, Mexicans held big banquets and remembered their dead relatives. They believed that death represents a passage into a better, parallel existence and for this reason they buried their dead with useful items to use in the next life.

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‘¡Vivimos aquí!’ – a 5 minute Spanish lesson plan

By Britta and Sue

Any closer and he might be literally absorbed...

Any closer and he might be literally absorbed…

On Tuesday, Sue used the article ‘¡Vivimos aquí!’ with her top set year 7H. The format she used was the 5 minute lesson plan from Teacher Tool kit and the CREAM & B rule is from a book she bought a few weeks ago, The Perfect Assessment For Learning by Claire Gadsby.

You’ll find the article and Sue’s 5 minute Spanish lesson plan downloads under the cut.

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Year 8 reading for comprehension

By Britta and Sue

Different reading techniques, same goal.

Different reading techniques, same goal.

Sue’s Y8 students have been doing independent reading. Some of the students here work on the shorter, caption-like texts on the news pages of ¿Qué Tal?. Other explore the longer article about young American actors with Latin-American roots. You’ll find downloads under the cut, as usual.

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Year 7 working on “Mi cumpleaños”

By Britta and Sue


“Nevermind the exercises, I’d rather just read…”

This week, Sue’s Y7 students have been introduced to vocabulary and structures on the topic of ‘my birthday’ with the help of an infographic in ¿Qué tal? 1 (free download below the cut!).

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