Start with a (fun) test!

By Britta

El gran test del español

Not a bad place to start, really

¡Hola and welcome to our blog! My name is Britta and I am the Publishing Manager for MFL at Mary Glasgow Magazines. Like Sue, I am very excited about our case study where we are trying to test whether using Mary Glasgow Magazines will improve students’ engagement and language skills. You can read more about the project here. It really is a great privilege to be so closely involved with Sue and her pupils. All of us here at MGM are looking forward to meet and greet the kids and get to know them better and accompany Sue through her teaching year.

In the meantime, we here at the office continue to create more magazines and other language resources, like this Spanish Quiz which you might want to use as a starter or plenary activity for a lesson that is taken up by a lot of organisational talk – as the first ones tend to be.

El gran test del español

You will also find French, German and English quizzes on our website (feel free to share it with your colleagues!) @

Please message me on twitter @BGiersche with any questions, queries or comments and have a great start to The School Year 2013-14!


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