Preparation for the new academic year

By Sue

It's essential to have enough tissues!

It’s essential to have enough tissues!

By the end of the summer term I will have ‘tweaked’ my schemes of work ready for the start in September.  However, during the 6 weeks holiday, I research new ideas and sites for resources for inclusion into my teaching.  I re-examine my MG magazines to see if there is something that I haven’t included in prior lessons and mark them ready for future use.

We always have a Welcome Day for new Year 7 students, but this year the whole process has been completely different as we have moved into a state of the art new building!  We have had to space-out the visits as ALL year groups are new to this build.  Seeing their faces as they came down the drive was an amazing experience.  Some were anxious, others were very nervous, many were excited but the majority were very apprehensive.  However, once they’d been round the school and seen the amazing facilities they were all blown away! The 4D room was by far the most popular.

I don’t actually know who is more excited at starting this new academic year, the teaching staff or the students!


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