Mentoring Evening

By Sue

Mentoring evening is an important part of the school year when we meet our mentee’s parents and discuss what we will be aiming to achieve.  I have 2 mentees, both from my Spanish group.  We explain and discuss how we will be supporting their children so as to achieve their full potential.  I always explain to parents that I am there to push their child, to be their child’s support worker, their liaison between other tutors and subjects and to help them with any, literally, any problems they have.

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Why I Chose to Teach Spanish

By Sue

© Rodrigo Pizarro/Wikimedia

© Rodrigo Pizarro/Wikimedia

I was never a ‘straight A’ student at school, in fact, I was pretty dire at most things, especially maths, and yet at 18, after 2 A levels and a few O levels,
I ended up working in a bank!

Many years later I became a fitness instructor and adored being in front of a class having fun while exercising.
My classes were really popular and finally I found something that I was good at.  One summer I went to Tenerife and
my young children made friends with some Spanish children; mine couldn’t speak Spanish, the Spanish kids couldn’t speak English. And so it began…

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Creating a Magazine

By Cecilia

We spend hours on these...

We spend hours on these…

In publishing, every project starts with a key date: the day that a magazine or book needs to be ready for print. The schedules are worked out backwards, and often the final product is a very different (and hopefully improved) version of what the editor had in mind. Although the process starts with writing a manuscript in relative solitude, very soon picture editors, designers, proofreaders, teacher consultants, marketing experts and fellow editors turn it
into a collaboration.

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5 Ways to Use Authentic Language-learning Videos in Class

By Britta

Don't forget to check out the free video!

Don’t forget to check out the free video!

One of the things I was most interested in on a recent survey of 400+ language teachers was which Internet feature they use most often. And surprisingly – at least to me – almost 80% said that they most often use authentic videos in their MFL classroom. But finding videos that work well in the classroom can be a frustrating experience. ‘I search all over the web. I search constantly but can’t find any videos ’, is a comment I read that seems to sum up many teachers’ experience of trawling through website like YouTube and various radio and TV stations’ sites.
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Preparation for the new academic year

By Sue

It's essential to have enough tissues!

It’s essential to have enough tissues!

By the end of the summer term I will have ‘tweaked’ my schemes of work ready for the start in September.  However, during the 6 weeks holiday, I research new ideas and sites for resources for inclusion into my teaching.  I re-examine my MG magazines to see if there is something that I haven’t included in prior lessons and mark them ready for future use.

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Start with a (fun) test!

By Britta

El gran test del español

Not a bad place to start, really

¡Hola and welcome to our blog! My name is Britta and I am the Publishing Manager for MFL at Mary Glasgow Magazines. Like Sue, I am very excited about our case study where we are trying to test whether using Mary Glasgow Magazines will improve students’ engagement and language skills. You can read more about the project here. It really is a great privilege to be so closely involved with Sue and her pupils. All of us here at MGM are looking forward to meet and greet the kids and get to know them better and accompany Sue through her teaching year.

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