What is this blog about?

By Sue

The kids and their fantastic Frankenweenie display

The kids and their fantastic Frankenweenie display.

My name is Sue Fleet and I am the curriculum leader for MFL at Ormiston Horizon Academy in Chell, Stoke-on-Trent. At present, I am the only MFL teacher but as we move into our fantastic new building in July 2013, it will only be a matter of time before we are oversubscribed and will have to employ more MFL staff!

Previously, some students used to subscribe personally according to their year group, ability and financial means. Since I began teaching, I have subscribed to all levels of Mary Glasgow magazines hoping to encourage and enthuse language learning. All year groups have used ideas and articles in their language work this past academic year with some exceptional and innovative results.

Our school is at the heart of the community and we are a family. However the proportion of students in the school known to be eligible for the pupil premium (additional government funding) is well above average. A much lower than average proportion of students is of minority ethnic heritage.

Year 8 have just completed their Hispanic theme. Beginning with cross-curricular work with the Art Department on El Dia de los Muertos (The day of the Dead) and finally researching and presenting their work on some famous Hispanic figures including Rigoberta Menchú, Pablo Neruda and Isabel Allende. Mary Glasgow Magazines were used as a reference material and examples of how information should be presented using an article on Salvador Dalí.

Previous topics have included Frankenweenie was used as a tool to write in the past tense. Las Abuelas de la Plaza De Mayo in Argentina was used primarily for the use of the descriptive imperfect tense but also to discuss the topic of Citizenship, issues relating to the environment and healthy living. El Gato con Botas (Puss in Boots) we used to encourage the use of the third person when writing. Letter writing, we used Captain Jack Sparrow in Piratas del Caribe: En Mareas Misteriosas. The latest project for KS4, La Nueva Tecnología (New Technology) was extremely useful for their latest controlled assessment.

I am extremely excited at the prospect of this blog and case study. Please email me or follow me on Twitter with any questions you have.

Picture 3You can download the Frankenweenie article (in PDF) here for free, courtesy of Mary Glasgow Magazines!


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